Breaking Through, the community affairs program which has morphed into a tool to create media hit pieces against those who dare to say anything bad about Nexus Services Inc. has just released a revised log of their brand which more accurately reflects the type of stories they produce.

Says Karl Magenhofer, Executive Producer of the YouTube only video segments, “It takes a lot of effort to produce a product that is worse than WHSV’s news and, proudly, we’ve succeeded.  Our minority team consisting of a convicted perjurer with a colorful criminal history and a woman who had been out work as a reporter in Georgia and unable to secure employment as a reporter anywhere else have each continually demonstrated that our product is worse than TV-3’s. Unlike WHSV, we usually create our stories out of thin air. In fact, we believe that no one would participate in any of Theodora Whitelow’s story if they knew of his criminal history. And, Elaine’s just dumb as a box of rocks. It’s that simple”.

Whitelow, as depicted in a recent Facebook post is comparing the Nexus crap to that of WHSV’s.

A quick look at the comprehensive list of the videos Nexus has posted on YouTube demonstrate that a large number of them haven’t ever gotten 100 views, which clearly demonstrates that few people have any interest in the visual dysentery they think constitutes “news”: